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This book holds the secrets that will teach the younguest ones to become “little Gaudis”.The Trencadís Sticker Book allows you to carry out original Trencadís designs from 7 wonderful illustrations and 420 removable stickers that come from original work of the famous catalan architect. Look how cute and funny drawings are when filled with Trencadís!


Did you know that Gaudi´s most important works are inspired by nature? In this book, the second of the "Become a little Gaudí" collection, you will find 268 beautiful stickers inspired in organic shapes of nature and seven fantastical pictures to create your own designs. With your imagination and these fantastic adhesives you will create original designs!


Cubism is an art movement that was started by started by Pablo Picasso and his friend George Braque in the early twentieth century. Cubist paintings create more than one viewpoint of the subject, showing the front and profile of the figures at one time. Use the Cubism style to create your own designs and become a little artist!

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The Trencadís Sticker Book is a book containing 420 stickers extracted directly from works created by the famous Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí. Through these removable stickers, children can have fun applying the Trencadís technique to seven different figures. See how beautiful and fun the drawings are when they are filled with trencadís!

This book, The Nature Sticker Book has 268 stickers singularly inspired by nature and by the fantastic drawings of the German naturalist Ernst Haeckel. Thus, children will better understand how Gaudí was inspired in the natural organic forms for the completion of his most singular architectural works.

The book, Cubist Portraits Sticker Book, with its 626 adhesives, turns children into little artists. It contains eight drawings inspired by cubist portraits of Picasso in which the little ones can let their imagination soar, completing the faces in a fun and original way. Ah! And they can even sign the works with their name when they are finished.

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The publishing house Click! bcn was established in 2012 with the intention of creating children's books related to the city of Barcelona and its most iconic features. Our first title, the "Trencadís Sticker Book", has allowed kids to become "little Gaudís" being inspired by the original trencadís technique. Our next title, "The Nature Sticker Book" continues with the successful "Become a little Gaudí" collection, created by the artist Mar Arnau. On this occasion, children will have fun using their imaginations in order to make their own designs using elements of nature, as the great Catalan architect did.


Our most recent title, "Cubist Portraits Sticker Book", was born of the artistic talent of the illustrator Aida Carretero. In this project we provide the tools to the little ones to start in the world of art and to get to know about the first of the artistic movements that revolutionised the twentieth century: Cubism. The book lets the imagination of children soar by making their own Cubist portraits with fun stickers, choosing the elements themselves. They may even sign their compositions with their name in an entertaining and educational way.


Our intention is to create fun game-books in order to develop the creativity of children through the use of stickers. At Click! bcn, we are convinced that children are little geniuses and that our books are merely a platform to let their inexhaustible imagination, full of shapes and colours, soar.

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